Alpaca Scarves

Softer and rarer than cashmere, with zero itch factor, these scarves and stoles are truly luxurious!.

The most attractive quality of alpaca fiber is its combination of fineness and strength. The best alpaca has a fineness and silky feel comparable to cashmere, but with several times the tensile strength for the same fibre diameter. This allows very fine yarn to be spun, producing beautifully soft garments, hardwearing yet wonderfully lightweight. This fineness provides a further benefit - the fiber is too soft and delicate to irritate the skin, so no rash, no prickle factor.

If all this sounds too good to be true, I'd point out there is just one drawback - alpaca's limited availability. Only 4000 tonnes of this exquisite fibre are produced worldwide each year, making it an even scarcer, more exclusive material than cashmere, at around 5000 tonnes. This compares to nearly 2 million tonnes for sheep's wool. No wonder that the alpaca was considered to be the real treasure of the Incas!

These garments are hand knitted from natural Alpaca fibers in traditional colonial looms. Our craftsmen do everything by hand, even tying up each row of yarn to produce a weave so thigh yet supple that rivals the finest cashmere. Each fringe is tied by hand.

These scarves and stoles will last your years and years, with proper cleaning. They are an incredible bargain at these prices. In addition, they are offered in an incredible array of colors.

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