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Water is life and well being! Since ancient times, thermal baths have been considered a strong health ally. Evidence of this begins in the distant past where ancient sites and artifacts reveal a story in prehistoric waterworks. The development of thermal pools and springs, the fabled "sacred well" where the miraculous occurs, are humanities oldest healing centers. It is the miracle of rejuvenation, the casting off of ills and pain and the restoration of health that made these sites sacred, from the passage of Thermopylae, to the Spring at Mecca, to the austere placement of the Machu Picchu hot and cold springs.

What makes Thermal Water so special? Thermal Spring Water comes from deep under the ground, has well-defined physical and chemical characteristics (level of minerals, trace elements and other constituents, temperature and flow), has pharmacological effects and is bacteriologically pure right from its source. Nowadays, the world's most important spas and healing centers have been created around naturally occurring thermal waters.

Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of water for healing, and its cornerstone is the use of thermal water. There are many ways to use thermal water for healing including steam baths, hot and cold soaks, poultices, wraps, compresses, and full and partial immersions to mention a few. Many techniques that provide relieve and healing are easily adapted to the home bath. The hydrotherapy bath is a valuable system for healing and rehabilitation treatments recognized to possess the following benefits in modern medical texts:
Increases the circulation throughout the body.
Softens connective tissue, increases collagen extensibility and decreases joint pain thanks to its soothing, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect.
Relief from muscle pain hanks to its soothing, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect.
Relief from muscle spasms and cramps.
Resolve skin eruptions, exudates, and edema.
It is unparalleled at treating Eczema and atopic dermatitis in children and adults, Psoriasis, Burns and healing-related problems , Pruritus and prurigo, Ichtyosis, Extensive and stubborn Seborrheic dermatitis.
Stimulates elimination of toxins from the cells into the bloodstream and through the skin.
Reduces nervous stress by promoting relaxation, rest, and recovery.
Stimulates the immune system.
Stimulates vital organ chemistry.

The only drawback to thermal hydrotherapy is its inaccessibility: unless you are lucky enough to live near a natural thermal spring, you will have to spend considerable time and resources to enjoy hydrotherapy's benefit on a regular basis. For that reason, Bohemia Style is proud to bring you the opportunity to enjoy a genuine hydrotherapy at home! Our exclusive thermal water bath salts and cosmetics will bring you the same benefits of professional thermal hydrotherapy at a fraction of the cost, right in your own bathroom.

Make thermal water benefits part of your every day life with our products, fine examples of Organic Cosmetics at their best!

  • Andes Organics Thermal Rosewater Tonic
  • Andes Organics Thermal Rosewater Tonic

  • Our price: $28.00


  • RRP: $45.00
    save 38%
  • Natural Thermal Bath Salts for Feet Soaks
  • Natural Thermal Bath Salts for Feet Soaks

  • Our price: $2.90


  • RRP: $5.00
    save 42%
  • Natural Thermal Bath Salts for Home Baths
  • Natural Thermal Bath Salts for Home Baths

  • Our price: $12.00


  • RRP: $17.00
    save 29%

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