Stem Cell Skin Care

Our sales manager is not given to profanity:  a lady brought up in the best South American tradition, she has never resorted to strong language in over 38 years in this business.  Yet we could all hear the damnation almost surfacing in her voice as she described what age was doing to her beautiful complexion:  Finding a wrinkle and lines on your face is devastating to anyone and unfortunately they only get worse as you get older! It is not much to look forward to if you don't do anything about it.

Ever resourceful, she was set to find help, and that she did!  You can now purchase (and start reversing that aging process!) a stem cell wrinkle facial Serum for anti-aging, along with a facial cream that will help to minimize the effects of those visible signs of aging.

What does stem cell wrinkle cream do? A stem cell wrinkle cream can start to revitalize the skin's stem cells by actually waking them up and making them start working again for you. As you age, everything starts to slow down and that includes the production of new skin cells. Around the age of 30 your skin cells slow down so that healthy cells are produced less often:  They become dormant and sluggish and slow down, but a stem cell wrinkle cream will awaken those sleepy cells and activate them again. It is literally a wake-up call to your skin!

Once those cells are reawakened, they start producing new skin cells just the same as when you were younger - only now they get a little help. Wrinkles and lines will disappear or decrease in depth and in volume by using a facial cream that works for you to rejuvenate the skin.

Regeneration will rejuvenate the skin.  A stem cell wrinkle cream will regenerate those sleepy skin cells and not only rejuvenate the skin, but will awaken it so that it is revitalized and refreshed. You will see a difference in the reduction of wrinkles and lines and your skin's texture will become softer and much smoother so that it reclaims that youthful glow. A facial cream that works wonders is truly a miracle but one that is attainable for anyone. The stem cell wrinkle cream features ingredients that have been clinically tested to stimulate re-growth and renewal so that your skin is more vibrant.

Stem Cell skin care is a well known anti-aging therapy that has not become more popular due to its traditionally prohibitive price:  All of the best brands offered in the USA, Canada and Europe costs several hundred dollars for every HALF AN OUNCE:  a prohibitive cost to most of us.    The sad part is that there is no reason why Stem Cell skincare should be that expensive.  Modern lab technologies have improved much during the last 20 years, making the synthesizing of Stem Cells very affordable.

For that reason, Bohemia Style is proud to introduce Dermik's CellMater line.  Produced in Chile as a professional skin care line (available only to skin care professionals and selected spas), we had to pass several qualifying criteria to re-sell these skin care products at THESE INCREDIBLE PRICES.  Now, there is no excuse for not having a 30 years old (25 year old?) skin!

  • Intensive Stem Cell Serum
  • Intensive Stem Cell Serum

  • Our price: $68.00


  • RRP: $130.00
    save 48%
  • Stem Cell Global Cream
  • Stem Cell Global Cream

  • Our price: $64.00


  • RRP: $128.00
    save 50%

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