Health Plus Brown Seaweed Detox Supplement

Health Plus Brown Seaweed Detox Supplement

Superb Detox aid to help you regain you normal weight and organs function.  A must for every adult!

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Superb Detox aid to help you regain you normal weight and organs function.  A must for every adult!
Brown seaweed is essential in any balanced diet:  our western eating habits do not incorporate enough essential nutrients, usually found in fish and fish oils, to supplement vital body functions.  Brown seaweed compensates these deficiencies by:
  1. Elimination of heavy metals by joining them in helping their elimination from the body. 
  2. Antioxidant neutralizes free radicals.
  3. Mucolytic, breaks the bonds that maintain the consistency of thick mucus, fragmenting and thus allowing easy removal. As a recommendation to the effect of L-cysteine ​​is recommended that optimal intake is accompanied by consumption of vitamin C. Contributions therapeutic seaweed to the diet .
  4. Prevention of goiter or iodine deficiency disease as the presence of magnesium favors the fixation of iodine in the thyroid. 
  5. In patients with high cholesterol because its fiber polysaccharides containing cholesterol trapping and reduce its absorption, and iodine is a recognized factor control and reduction of cholesterol, also prevents the possible deficiency of this trace mineral in the body.
  6. In liver disease (hepatitis C, cirrhosis, liver failure) and alcoholism, the liver protective effect of L-cysteine. • In chemotherapy, radiation or chronic medications, the effect purifying, detoxifying, decontaminating and hepatoprotective. 
  7. In respiratory congestion and mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis) because of its mucolytic capability.
  8. In heavy metal poisoning or exposure to radioactive substances, thanks to chelation and antioxidant effect of L-cysteine ​​which binds the decontaminating action of alginic acid.

    Recommended dosage: 2 capsules with a glass of water, orange juice or other citrus fruit, for breakfast or any heavy meals, as protector and regenerating liver and immune bioenhancer.

    Presentation: Bottle with 90 capsules of about 0.500 mg each.

    Restrictions: Not to be used for hyperthyroidism, since having magnesium and a significant amount of iodine, this will be fixed in the thyroid. Despite having a significant amount of sodium (Na) does not contribute in raising blood pressure, because the polysaccharides that are part of the algae retain excess sodium and excreted in the stool, also having many other minerals important to prevent electrolyte imbalance, becoming a blood isotensor.

Not recommended for lactose intolerant persons.

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