Bohemia Style Cosmetics Pure Snail Serum 100 ML Lotion

Bohemia Style Cosmetics Pure Snail Serum 100 ML Lotion

Say goodbye forever (FAST) to all your skin blemishes with this pure, concentrated lotion, in the perfect size for two months of by daily facial use! The snail serum is perfect with people with sensitive skin, severe acne and rosacea cases, and for FAST fading of very old scars, including raised keloids, burn and acne marks and old stretch marks.  This product is specially intended for people with extremely sensitive skin, allergy prone skin, light complexion and sufferers of severe acne and rosacea cases.

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Our Pure Snail Serum products contain 100% Helix Aspersa Muller Snail extract, the main component of our snail extract beauty products. What is the difference of the serum compared to the creams? Our Pure Snail Serum contains ZERO excipients (additional ingredients).  Therefore, it is extremely concentrated and effective:  With the content of ONE bottle of Bohemia Style Cosmetics Snail Serum, you could manufacture 450 jars of Elicina cream. 

The pure Snail Serum is a Godsend for people with sensitive skin.  During our history as distributors for Snail Extract cosmetics, including the world's most prestigious creams, we encountered many clients with such delicate complexion, that even our wonderful Snail Extract products turned out to be irritating. The culprit for this situation was not the snail extract per say, but the preservatives and additional excipients used, mainly, the Mineral Oil, Propylparaben and Methylparaben, which are found on the original formulas of many popular Snail creams.

Why are excipients and preservatives necessary? Excipients are used "fill in" a cream formula that has only a percentage of an active ingredient, like Snail serum, aloe, or natural oils.  In addition, the snail serum loses potency and its properties when exposed to temperature and light changes. The excipients stabilize the snail serum formula, allowing to produce a cream, soap or lotion that can be easily packed and distributed.  On the other hand, preservatives are necessary to keep bacteria and fungus away from the product, during its life span.  In fact, 98% of all creams in the market, organic or not, rely on excipients and preservatives: this is not unique to Snail Extract cosmetics. Just read the ingredient list of your favorite skin product and you will see many strange players on that list!

Taking those facts into account, Bohemia Style Cosmetics started to research a way to commercialize the snail serum in its purest form. The results of our investigation is our Pure Snail Extract Serum.

This product comes in sterile form, with 1% organic preservatives, in a convenient plastic bottle, tightly sealed. The Snail Serum has the consistency and feel of a clear liquid and it is very easily absorbed by the skin. The bottle must be kept away from excessive light and temperature changes.  This product is shipped directly from our manufacturing laboratory.

Since the Snail Serum is so concentrated, you will discover that, aside form the absence of any skin irritation, it produces quicker results than any conventional Snail Extract cosmetic, including the most reputable creams. Extremely old scars fade in half the time. Very old stretch marks practically disappear in 30 days. Even the worst acne cases are cleared up in 3 weeks.

We invite you to try our Pure Snail Extract Serum, at perfect example of organic cosmetics at their best!

Application of this product could not be easier:  On clean skin, cover the affected area with a generous amount of the Snail Serum, using you finger tips or a Q-tip (spray directly into the affected area if you use the atomizer bottle), and gently massage until completely absorbed.  Repeat Twice a day for optimal results.

Ingredients:  Pure Snail Secretion with 1% grapefruit seed extract (Gum Citric Acid), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and benzyl alcohol.

Presentation:  The serum comes in a unbreakable plastic bottle:  you can choose regular cap or a convenient atomizer!

Note: This serum is distributed exclusively by Bohemia Style Cosmetics , and manufactured by our partnering laboratory in Santiago, Chile for Bohemia Style Cosmetics.

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