Natural Beauty Products

Organic products for grooming and personal care, the way nature intended! Find beauty and health with our collection of natural cosmetics products and supplements.

Additives, additives, additives... they are everywhere now days. Trying to have a natural (and healthy) life style in this day and age is becoming increasingly difficult.

No industry is so plagued with chemicals as the cosmetic industry: if you ever read the ingredients list of you favorite soap, you will feel like an experiment yourself! It is daunting. Also, our modern cosmetics are produced thanks to inhuman animal testing, promoted by sky high budget (and in great part, deceiving) marketing strategies, and packaged in unecological wrappings.

What do we get for all this trouble? allergic reactions, patches of dry skin, blemished complexions that find no relieve, and endless trips to the dermatologist.

You will not find anything unnatural in our Beauty and Health collection: Each product is made from natural, organic ingredients, following time honored recipes. Their texture, fragrance and healing properties are derived directly from nature, the way she intended!

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