Andes Organics Snail Serum Cream

Andes Organics Snail Serum Cream

One hundred percent organic, this is the  only paraben free Snail Serum Cream in the market!

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One hundred percent organic, this is the only paraben free Snail Serum Cream in the market!

This luxury Snail Cream formula contains 85% snail serum secretion, with no artificial ingredients or harmful preservatives. Every ingredient in this cream is 100% USDA certified organic!  This formula is truly hypoallergenic and completely natural.

What is the difference between Snail Serum and Snail Extract?  Even though both substances are, in essence, the secretion of snail Helix Aspersa Muller, the collection method is very different:
  1. Snail Extract contains the snail secretion and an important quantity of sterile water. The Snail extract is collected the traditional way:  "showering" the snails with water. The secretion is then expelled in great quantities (snail produce greater amount of secretion while under stress).  Even though the snails are not harmed, this is not a natural occurrence to them. The resulting secretion not only contains additional water, byproduct of this undesirable "bath" (more distilled water will be added later by the lab!), but some natural toxins the snails release.  Most of commercial snail cream are manufactured with Snail Extract.
  2. Snail Serum is pure snail secretion, collected very, very slowly as the snails naturally expel it. The process is longer and tedious, but the resulting product has much more potency and purity, passing all its incomparable qualities to the resulting cosmetic.  Snail Serum is almost 4 times more expensive than snail extract.  Therefore, you will only find this ingredient in top quality creams.
What makes Andes Organics Snail Serum Cream so special is not only its extraordinary high content of Snail serum, but the incorporation of organic preservatives, all derived from nature and USDA Certified Organic to this velvety formula. 

This cream is presented in a generous 60 grams jar, at this unsurpassed price!

Ingredients:  85% Pure Snail Serum Secretion, purified thermal water, sweet almond oil, vegetal glycerin, grapefruit seed extract (Gum Citric Acid), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and benzyl alcohol.

With so many choices, are you having a hard time choosing the appropriate Snail Serum / Snail Extract  skin or lotion?  You are not alone:  We have developed this simple product comparison chart.  Still have question? Feel free to contact us!

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