Alpaca Rugs

Our alpaca rugs are an out of this world experience: soft, warm, hypoallergenic (yes! a rug that will not stir your allergies: they contain neither lanolin nor artificial dyes), durable and luxurious in both size and touch!

We have access to the finest, all natural Alpaca skins and the most gifted artisans, that hand-saw every alpaca hide. Because every stitch is securely placed, this rug will last you a lifetime, with simple care.

Alpaca is the nature’s most perfect fiber provider. These cute and sturdy animals have an unbelievable pelt, with gorgeous natural colors that will be a crime to dye. This is the prime material used in each one of our fantastic rugs.

Now, the real question: Do we kill Alpacas for their skins? The answer: No, never! No only every associated alpaca farmer would consider this a capital crime, but it would not make economical sense either. Every Alpaca will render more monetary benefit as a fiber provider, just in one single year! Then, you must take into account that Alpacas reproduce every year, faithfully, producing very valuable new members to any Alpaca farm. It would not make a lot of sense to kill them for rugs!

Then, where do we obtain the pelts? Unfortunately, some members of an alpaca “manada” die naturally (mostly due to old age). Some die after birthing. These sad events due leaves us with few, TREASURED skins for handcrafting.

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